Crime And Suspense – 60 Second

Edgy and building, featuring dark drones, introspective piano, a gritty synth melody, and pulsing electronic textures that create a mysterious and suspenseful mood. 48 hours, The Mentalist, Castle, CSI.


Happy And Festive – DnB

Bright with a bouncy Dance groove, featuring synth brass hits and electric guitar that create a cheerful mood. Fashion, Atmospheric, Innovation, Travel, Food, Adventure, Parties, Life Style.


Distant Storm

Dark and atmospheric. Featuring acoustic piano and pulsing textures creating a sad, melancholy and reflective mood. Crime, Investigative, Death, Funeral, Dying.


Ominous Doom – Sting – Bumper

Driving and building, featuring dark drones, eerie voices and pulsing electronic textures that create a mysterious and suspenseful mood. 48 Hours, The Mentalist, Castle, Alien Invasion, crime drama, horror, Sci-Fi.


Industrial Innovation – 60 Second

Pulsing and driving. Featuring gritty synth textures and a bouncy dance groove with a heavy bass riff. Ethnic and electronic percussion creates a confident and determined mood. Party, Building, Gritty, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Fashion.


Pure Sunshine – Bed

Upbeat, happy-go-lucky, carefree youthful pop track. Features energetic guitars, catchy synthesizer lines, lively beat and positive vibes. Versatile – Kids, tweens, teens, youthful fashion, travel, adventure, corporate branding, positive and fun image.


90s Diva – No Horns

Bouncy and upbeat, featuring a 90’s R&B groove, bright synths and pulsing electronic elements that create an energetic mood. Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton and Babyface would love it here! Fashion, Parties, Clubs.


Push It – 60 Second

Upbeat and driving, featuring pulsing synth and electronic elements that create an energetic and determined mood. Motion, Sports, Flying, Skiing, Futuristic, Technology, Party


Teen Pop – Sting – Bumper

Upbeat and bright teen pop. Fresh, fun, with a lot of attitude. Driving rhythm, quirky synth EFX, happy and playful. Teen sitcom, Disney pop, high school, tween, middle school, teenagers, young love, school sports, drive-in movie, malls.


Dancing Divas – 30 Second

Energetic and upbeat, featuring pulsing electronic elements, 4 on the floor groove, melodic electric guitar and bright synth pads. Creates a happy and uplifting mood. Fashion, sports, parties, dance clubs.