Club Call – 60 Second

Bouncy and pulsing, featuring an upbeat dance groove and atmospheric textures that create a confident mood. Party, Innovation, Technology, Fashion, Multimedia, Business, Corporate.


Radiant Energy – 30 Second

Bright and upbeat, featuring guitar and a driving four on the floor dance groove. Layered with synths and electronic elements that creates an innovative feel. Party, Good-times, Innovation, Fashion, Technology, Motion.


Americana Sky – 15 Second

Bright and upbeat, featuring a Pop-Rock feel, an optimistic piano melody and light electric guitar that creates an inspirational mood. Reminiscent, Family, Sunshine, Dreams, Summer, Corporate.


Winning Hand

Bright, with a driving Pop-Rock groove, featuring warm electric guitar and piano that creates a reflective, upbeat and positive mood. Dreams, Sunshine, Summer, Youthful, Adverts, Commercials.


Heroic Power – 30 Second

Building and driving, featuring a fusion of dramatic orchestral textures and rock elements that creates a heroic and adventurous mood. Action, Sports, News, Heroic Effort, Team Effort.


Happy Sunshine – Bed

Upbeat and bright, featuring a cheerful Pop-Rock groove, light synthesizer melodies and celebratory piano progressions help to create a highly optimistic mood! BIG dreams, BOLD plans, sunshine filled summer days, youthful excursions.


Positive Outlook – Sting – Bumper

Uptempo, feel good, corporate rock track. Strong melodic theme featuring lots of rock guitar and piano. Evokes success, winning, motivation, celebration and team spirit. Great for presentations, product launches, seminars and sports.


Inspired Motivation – 15 Second

Upbeat and bright, featuring electric guitar, driving drums and synth textures creating an uplifting and inspirational mood. Evokes team spirit and motivation. In the style of U2, Snow Patrol and Coldplay. Road Trip, Inspirational, Triumphant, Motivational.


Happy Face – Loop

Bright and upbeat, with a driving Pop-Rock feel. Featuring acoustic piano, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Creates a positive and enthusiastic mood. Youthful, Teen, Celebration, Road Trip.


Reflective And Hopeful – 60 Second

Edgy with a laidback Rock groove. Featuring a reflective electric guitar melody and heavy drums that create a positive and hopeful mood. Youth, Drama, Triumph, Struggle.