Dream Walker – 30 Second

Light and breezy, featuring acoustic piano, calliope, smooth strings and a lite synth melody that creates a dreamy mood. Children, Babies, Dramedy, Romance


Heartfelt – 60 Second

Warm, smooth and building. Cinematic, orchestral hybrid featuring emotive piano, lush string, woodwinds and pulsing electronic textures. Creates a romantic and heartwarming mood. Dreams, Emotions, Beauty, Building, Human Drama.


Midnight In Rome – DnB

A campy and quirky Italian flavored waltz with a circus, comedic vibe. Features tuba, accordion, recorder and solo violin. Italian parties, family party, drunks, circus, cartoons, comedy, bumbling cops, inept crooks, Mediterranean travel, mischief.


Lite Pop Jazz – 30 Second

Light and breezy, featuring warm female vocalese, bright electric guitar and keyboards. 60s and 70s Brazilian pop jazz. Carefree and easy. Underscore, Vacation, Luxury, Travel.


Piano Dreaming – Piano Only

A simple piano theme gradually builds, joined by synths, flute, harp, and pizzicato violin to create a meditative, emotional atmosphere that ultimately evokes a sense of peace and well-being. Spa, Yoga, Movie Background, Meditation, Dramatic Theme.


Paso Doble Dancer – No Snare

Upbeat and driving. Features a Pasodoble feel with Maleguena style brass and string melodies. Creates a seductive and dramatic mood. Global, Exotic, Spanish, Adventure, Paso Doble, Spain, Mediterranean.


Salsa Libertad – No Horns

Upbeat and energetic in the style of Bomba (Puerto Rico) featuring acoustic piano and rhythmic brass that creates a celebratory and festive mood. Latin Culture, Barrios, Central America, South America, Dance Competition, Travel, Beach, Tropical, Miami.


Cha Cha Hip House

Bright and playful. Modern Cha Cha featuring montuno piano, energetic trumpet, punchy horns and cheerful ethnic percussion. Sets a joyful and spirited mood. Latin Clubs, Barrios, Central America, South America, Dance Competition, Travel, Cooking, Sunsets, Beach, Tropical.


Backstreet Seduction – 30 Second

Bouncy and laid-back, featuring melodic Spanish guitar, strings and a determined groove layered with world percussion. Creates a dramatic and seductive mood.


Guiseppe’s Tango – Bed

Bouncy and upbeat, featuring mandolin, accordion, solo violin and light urban elements. Infused with Tango influences creating a seductive and romantic mood. Romance, Travel, Adventure, Restaurants.