Fly Higher – Piano Only

Textural and atmospheric with the fusing of Orchestral and Pop-Rock elements. Featuring pulsing acoustic piano, electronic textures and atmospheric synths. Dynamic and dramatic. Empowerment, Celebration, Adventure, Advertising, Travel, Christmas.


Heroic Power – 30 Second

Building and driving, featuring a fusion of dramatic orchestral textures and rock elements that creates a heroic and adventurous mood. Action, Sports, News, Heroic Effort, Team Effort.


Inspired Motivation – 15 Second

Upbeat and bright, featuring electric guitar, driving drums and synth textures creating an uplifting and inspirational mood. Evokes team spirit and motivation. In the style of U2, Snow Patrol and Coldplay. Road Trip, Inspirational, Triumphant, Motivational.


Dream Maker – 15 Second

Upbeat and bright,featuring electric guitar, driving drums and synth textures creating an uplifting and inspirational mood. Evokes team spirit and high motivation. On-Hold, Promotional, Slide Show, Startup, Promo, Adverts, Commercials.


Bold Ambition – Loop

Happy and bright, featuring pulsing electronic elements, a Pop groove and warm piano that creates an enthusiastic mood. Children, Empowerment, Building, Dreams, Floating.


Celtic Hero – 60 Second

Bright and bold Alt-Folk instrumental with Celtic elements. Featuring bouncy acoustic guitar riff, Irish flute and driving percussion that builds to a climatic ending. Perfect for film, television and commercial productions looking for an outstanding Folktronica soundscape. Proud, Energetic, Heroic.


Epic And Determined – Sting – Bumper

Building and driving, featuring a fusion of rock guitar, heavy drums, dramatic strings and electronic elements. Creates an epic and determined mood. Action, Adventure, Bravery, Heroic Effort, Team Effort, Sports.


Instant Sunshine – DnB

Upbeat and driving, featuring an 80’s Pop-Rock groove and a motivational electric guitar melody that creates a mood of pride and triumph. Empowerment, Sports, Motion, Anthemic, Party, Fun, Sunshine, Youth.


Celtic Pop – 15 Second

Bright with pulsing textures. Celtic, Irish, pop rock piece with orchestral elements and a U2 vibe. Featuring melodic electric guitar and a driving groove that creates inspiration. Good-Times, Dreams, Sunshine, Summer, Christmas, St Patrick’s day.


Global Adventure – Bed

Building and rhythmic. Dramatic orchestral track with pulsing synth textures. Great for depicting wild adventures in any part of the world! Determined and triumphant. Drama, Action, Adventure, Sports.